Read what my student's have to say.

I joined Helen's yoga class in October this year because I have some health problems which have knocked my confidence, but from the moment I started yoga, I have found a new confidence building inside me, the classes are so friendly and along with Helen they have welcomed me into this very special place. When I leave I feel full of joy and light and ready to face the day. The warmth you bring to every class along with your positivity and kindness fills everyone with joy.

Thank you Helen.


When I first joined Helen's class in 2016 I hadn't done any yoga for some years and was feeling very apprehensive - I needn't have had any qualms. Helen is a wonderfully warm and open person and her classes and therefore the other members - reflect this.

I have a number of health issues and unfortunately have had to spend a lot of time in hospital; Helen spoke to me about using visualisation and this, alongside meditation has helped me through some very dark times.

It's not an exaggeration to say Helen and Dru Yoga have changed my life - I walk taller, my shape has changed and in many ways, I am more confident - Heck, I practiced my yoga on the beach during my last holiday!

Friends and family know that Fridays are sacrosanct, serious illness is the only thing to keep me from class. Thanks Helen


Helen is a wonderful teacher and her class is a joy.
She adds fun to the exercises and takes time to explain how and why we are doing them.
I thoroughly recommend anyone who needs some "me time" to give it a try.


I like Helens care and consideration for everyone in the class, the class is challenging and good fun.


I have been going to Helen"s yoga classes for just over a month now and have enjoyed them so much. Helen is so warm and friendly and makes everyone feel so relaxed. Her instructions are so clear and the movements so gentle and flowing, that even a person like me, who does not know her left from the right, gets it right!
The classes are so welcoming, where everyone talks to each other, not like other classes where it is so serious, no one speaks :(

I am also now starting to feel the benefits of feeling more supple and relaxed - thank you Helen, you are an inspiration. x


Each individual has a warm welcome from Helen on arrival and friendly words on departure. She explains and demonstrates the graceful flowing movements beautifully and then observes us all.

Her lessons are tailored for all at different fitness levels and abilities. The lessons have improved my flexibility and mobility. I am aware daily of my posture and breathing.

Lessons release tension, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Helen takes care to remember each person's particular health problems and ensures that no-one is asked to do anything unsuitable. She always offers other options, this way we feel that the session is tailored to our needs.

Helen structures her sessions to bring about harmony of mind and body, helping to relieve any stress we may have bought in with us.

Helen has a delightful personality, the warmth and gentle humour she brings to the class helps to engender a sense of well-being.

A Student

I would urge anyone who is thinking of doing yoga to come along and try it, because until you do, you don't know what you are missing.

Helen is a great teacher and puts you at ease.


Helen is a warm and friendly teacher. She welcomes new people to her class and relaxes them instantly. She is able to accommodate individual needs without singling people out as "different".

After a lesson with Helen I defy anyone not to feel relaxed, de-stressed and "better"!


Helen is a true professional who brings a freshness to every class. The class is always well prepared yet "seems" spontaneous and off the cuff! Helen brings fun, laughter (which brings relaxation and promotes confidence).

She is caring and capable and copes admirably with small and very large classes always noticing the individual needs.

Her demos are inspirational.


Having practiced Hatha Yoga for many years Dru Yoga is quite a change for me. Helen's classes are varied, adjusted to individual needs and a pleasure to take part in, a very joyful occasion. I am disappointed if I have to miss a class.


Helen our tutor at the yoga class I attend, through her teachings has enabled me to feel physically and mentally stronger and has allowed me to rediscover my inner peace.


I joined Helen's yoga class because I wanted to do a form of exercise that would benefit my body and my mind. Helen has helped me by encouraging my individual progress within a mixed ability group. I feel my posture and balance have improved as my confidence has grown.


Helen "s warmth and enthusiasm has a way of making you feel special.
New to Dru Yoga I was encouraged by a friend who has been singing Helen"s praises for years- it is now one of the highlights of my week.How ever I am feeing when I start the class I come away relaxed but energetic!
Thanks Helen for being you!

Gill J

Helen is an excellent teacher who is attuned to individual needs and adapts poses/ sequences accordingly. I always look forward to going to her classes and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.


I have been going to Helen's Dru yoga classes for two years now, having previously attended various other yoga classes. I regularly attend two of her classes every week. They enrich my life. She is a warm, friendly and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes leave me feeling fantastic - so much so, that I now do a lot of Dru yoga at home with Helen's guidance.

I like the fact that Helen's yoga is quite flowing which is very beneficial to my joints as I don't enjoy holding difficult positions for too long.

I have also noticed that Helen's classes have a lovely energy about them which I think is down to Helen's personality. All her pupils comment on how much they enjoy her classes and I'm pleased that her class numbers have increased so much in the last two years. We've even had to move to a bigger room. I'm not surprised in the least!<br />


This is yoga and more. It's fun, energetic, friendship and feel good. I love it and find it hard to miss.


Helen is a fantastic teacher, combining friendliness with professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere with precise instruction.

A Student

Helen is a fantastically enthusiastic teacher, I look forward to my class and find it invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

Love it.


Helen is very inspiring. I always leave the class with sunshine in my heart.

A Student

I wanted to try yoga for some time and decided to turn up at one of the sessions and I definitely made the right choice of class and instructor.


I have been looking for a yoga teacher for some time and I am glad I found you.


I would highly recommend Dru Yoga to anyone, especially with Helen. Helen takes you step-by-step through all the yoga positions so you feel confident and able to do them all.

Thank you Helen


I started Dru Yoga about 5 weeks ago and can"t believe the difference, I"ve been suffering with a frozen shoulder for 13 years and I happy to say it"s improved by 80%, so thank you Helen


A fun, warm welcome to yoga


I've really enjoyed coming to Helen's classes. The atmosphere has always been really friendly and welcoming. Helen's always been very kind and made sure that I was comfortable and that I was doing the postures correctly.

Thank you


Looking for an exercise class I found the perfect one for me; good variety and always interesting with whole body stretch and tone but also extra emphasis on different and specific elements each week. There is always a warm, welcoming and soothing ambience created by Helen and a great feeling of inclusion for new as well as regular members.


As soon as I arrive at my Dru yoga class I begin to relax and I can feel the pressures and stresses of every day life start to slip away.

I have tried various exercise classes but am I truly glad that I discovered yoga earlier this year. The emphasis is to work to your own level and Helen always provides modifications to each of the poses to ensure that nobody works beyond what is comfortable for them. I now have a much greater appreciation of how my body works and the little aches and pains I was starting to get have now disappeared.

If you are looking to "fine tune" your body and mind I recommend you give Helen's class a try.


I take part in a range of fitness classes but was looking for an exercise that improved my flexibility but provided movement that was gentle of my joints. The balance between physical and relaxation in Helen"s class is perfect for me. I also really enjoy the spiritual aspect of dru yoga which was a pleasant surprise for me. Helen"s teaching technique is relaxed and fun yet professional and informative. You"ll smile throughout the class and walk away feeling both relaxed and refreshed, mentally and physically.

A class like this is difficult to find so I feel lucky to have found this one.


I was looking for Yoga Classes locally and from the first time I spoke with Helen I knew that I had found a really positive person that would help and support me to get back in touch with my health and well being.

Helen brings a confidence and knowledge to her classes but adds a great ingredient which is FUN !

I really look forward to my classes on Friday and I am not at all happy when anything prevents me from attending. I leave feeling that the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders !

Thankyou Helen your a Star !


I have been attending Helen"s classes for over a year now and cannot believe the impact they have had on my physical and mental well being. I feel so soothed when I leave the class, so relaxed. This lasts for the whole week and I feel much calmer generally.

Physically, I am using muscles that I would not usually work so I am benefiting from a work out but in a gentle way. I have arthritic joints, but Helen is very responsive to individual requirements and tailors the postures to best suit individual needs.

I cannot praise Helen highly enough.


Yoga was something I had thought about doing for many years but never got round to it until I had lower back problems recently, so I decided to make that change and I choose Dru Yoga because I liked that it was body flowing movement and the mind relaxation at the end of each class and it"s one of the best decision I have ever made my back problem has disappeared and my body feels so different.

I highly recommend to my friends and the people I meet that like me was once thinking of Yoga I tell them to come along and try it. Helen makes you feel so welcome and so do all those that attend her classes as well as making a comfortable and warm environment to do your Yoga.


Not being naturally athletic, success for me in an exercise class is highly dependent on my tutor and how I identify with them. The connection between Helen and I is inexplicable - her teaching style makes me feel completely at ease. I don't feel as if I am out of place or pretending to be something I am not - it's just me, Helen and Dru. With Helen's guidance my ability, flexibility and self-confidence grows with every session.

Dru Yoga with Helen isn't a class, it's a lifestyle choice - I recommend that you give it a try, you won't regret it!


I have been practicing Tai Chi with Yoga for over 5 years. When I moved from Chester I was on the lookout for good classes in the area. During a Salsa class, Helen invited me to go to one of her Yoga Classes.

When I arrived Helen put me at ease very quickly, introducing me to everyone in the class.

The actual lesson was outstanding. Helen has a way of making teaching look easy. She explains the moves in detail then spends time with individuals tuning how they perform the move within their own capabilities. You know you have had a workout when you are finished, but feel ready to deal with the day and anything it throws at you.

Helen is one of the best teachers I have come across in many a year.